Civil Engineering

Are you looking for an experienced civil engineer for your Brownfield development? We have handled a wide variety of civil engineering projects, from start to finish. From demolition work to building roads & sewers, projects are completed on time and to budget.

Complete project control

We can manage every aspect of your civil engineering project, from the initial consultation and project planning, through to delivery. We will then do the final testing as well as any maintenance work that is required.

Our civil engineering services include:

  • Demolition & asbestos removal

  • Earthworks including cut & fill volumetrics, determining suitable finished levels/contours

  • Grouting of mine workings & capping of mine shafts

  • Foundations, bridges & retaining walls

  • Roads & sewers

Trying to sort your budget?

Then call us today and we’ll be happy to provide you anything you need regarding the civil engineering aspects of your project.