Daineswell Drones

What does your site look like from above?

Do you need to monitor progress: assess volumes & levels of earthworks or quarrying, check on road construction or the progress of building works?

Do you need a close-up inspection for assessing dilapidation and repairs of a chimney or roof (coupled perhaps with a structural survey) … something that traditionally might have been performed by steeple-jacks or involve expensive scaffolding/staging?

Do you have a property to sell … residential, employment, open space, landfill and want to support the sale with aerial photographs and videos?

Are you a farmer who needs to monitor crop growth?

Are you an archaeologist who would like to survey an historic site, perhaps now exposed as a result of moorland fires or drought?

Drone technology is rapidly advancing, and Daineswell uses the latest quadcopters to provide clear* photographs and videos from heights up to 120 metres.

*Up to 4k imagery – suitable for viewing on 1080p and HD televisions & computers. Videos are actually shot in Ultra HD (4k) at 25 fps – giving a very good quality film standard. Lower resolution can be supplied when file size is a factor.

Please follow this link to a short video pastiche of work examples. NB This video is 720p.

Data are stored on our server for downloading via Cloud technologies. Alternatively, your results can be presented on disk or USB stick.

Daineswell Drones carries bespoke Public Liability Insurance for its drone services and uses only licensed pilots who hold CAA certification (PfCO), keeping up with rapidly changing standards.

There are many applications for this relatively new industry. In the near future, we aim to include:

  • Topographical surveys – in conjunction with third party software developers – to provide a one-stop solution, improving on current methods that involve several different software packages, and saving on time and expense
  • CGI – the integration of existing topography with architectural projections to give ‘fly-by’ videos of proposed residential and industrial layouts; suitable for planning and marketing purposes.