About Us

‘Remediation is a fine art’

At Daineswell, we are proud of a slogan that exemplifies our achievements in the design & delivery of ground remediation projects.

What makes it a fine art?

Remediation of contaminated land means more to us than just cleaning up soil and groundwater. It’s everything that might affect the outcome of the development – topography, drainage, access, ecology, and other potential impediments to successful development. The art is considering all these variables collectively to determine an integrated solution. It’s based on the science of investigation, knowledge of current guidance, modern construction technology and the apparent magic of genius.

We select and appoint specialist consultants and contractors to undertake the works. The resultant team is unique for each project, using personnel carefully chosen for their skills, experience and fairness. With our lead, the team designs & implements the approved remedial solution.

For the client, the Daineswell approach to design & build is very effective and can be a more economical method than appointing a large multi-disciplinary firm. We can chose from whosoever we want, whereas, the larger firms generally choose only from their own staff! You will deal, from the outset and throughout the process, with senior personnel who use their many years of experience to deliver the best result.

The process starts with a desk review of the site’s history,  including ground investigation, topographical survey, from the ground & from the air, and ends with sign-off of the completed works by the Regulators

Daineswell (Remediation) Ltd has been providing these services since 2008; our associate design & delivery teams for many years longer. Our list of repeat business, together with a growing list of successful large and small projects for our many clients, makes compelling reading.

Managing Director and Fellow of the Institution of Civil Engineers, Terry Dean, has over 30 years experience in the business, having begun his career in the 1980s with the Meadowhell Shopping Centre – built on two former steelworks sites.

If you don’t know where to start or perhaps it’s not something you are fully familiar with, then why not contact us to book a free two-hour site review?

… and don’t forget to ask for a sprinkling of Daineswell magic dust, essential in delivering the best outcome in cost, quality and time!