Crimble Mill, Rochdale

Crimble Mill, empty since the closure of the Roe Acre dying company in 2005, has been identified by English Heritage as an historic building at risk. Situated in the area of Crimble, north-east of Heywood Town Centre, Rochdale, it is designated a Grade II* building,

Built in the 19th century, the mill building has been given a Category C priority by English Heritage, which is hoping to save many of the Nation’s historic buildings from crumbling away.

The future viability of the site depends on bringing the building back into use as apartments, and hence generate income. However, regeneration of the mill building carries a negative cost. In order to make the regeneration scheme viable, redevelopment is proposed to include the building of approximately 250 houses on adjacent land, currently designated Greenbelt.

Rochdale Council supports the concept and has included the site and its surroundings in the 2019 second draft of the Greater Manchester Spacial Framework.