Prescot Park (formerly Prysmian (BICC) Cables) – 60 acres for residential, commercial & open space

Following the closure of Prysmian, formerly BICC copper cable manufacturing factory in Prescot, more than 60 acres of land was available for a residential-led development.

The design team of specialist local consultants secured planning permission from Knowsley MBC, who were keen to see much needed additional land remediated for housing and commercial uses.


The first of a number of planning permissions – initially for demolition & the outline development of five residential parcels covering of 41 acres; plus four commercial parcels totalling about ten acres – was granted by Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council in late 2011. Demolitions were carried out by Bradley Demolition and MH Excavations & Demolition.


Under the project management of Daineswell, and following demolitions organised by new owner Prescot Business Park Ltd., site remediation, eradication of Japanese Knotweed and the treatment of mine workings was designed by e3p and implemented by McAuliffe and Groundshire in 2015.

Westshield, under a contract designed and supervised by Campbell Reith Hill, completed the construction of roads & sewers later in 2015. New utility supplies were installed by Multi Utilities UK, under the guidance of Utility Connections, from 2016.

Several of the major house-builders are developing the five parcels (average 8+ acres each) set aside for residential use. A senior member of one technical department, described their parcel as, “An otherwise perfect site,  apart from the need for localised cut and fill  earthworks”. The client then arranged for the additional earthworks to create plateaux ready for the build phase.

With soil conditions suitable for simple vibro-stone column foundations, a standard remediation soil cover to gardens, and all services installed in the spine road footway/cycleway and verges, each of 9 development parcels needs little abnormal expenditure.


A noise bund provides significant protection against motorway (M57) noise, and a swale and POS arrangement enable attenuation of significant flood waters.

A new Home Bargains store opened off Manchester Road in 2017.


A successful multi-million pound investment for PBP transformed a redundant copper manufacturing plant into residential and commercial success.